10 Days, 10 Artists - Day Three
Artist - Dolly Parton
Favorite song(s) - I Will Always Love You, Here You Come Again, Sweet Summer Lovin’, Don’t Call It Love, Change, The Grass is Blue, I Am Ready, Just When I Needed You Most, These Old Bones, Somebody’s Everything, Backwoods Barbie, Together You and I, If I Had Wings, From Here to the Moon and Back
Favorite album - Backwoods Barbie
Favorite lyrics - Who else in this world will love you like that, love everlasting I promise you that, from here to the moon and back
Seen them live - No

Despite the look of surprise on the kids faces, owls landing on your head is very run-of-the-mill in the UK.

Bang Bang Chicken Kabobs

*are you kidding me*
When I’m pissed off